2001 Chevrolet e-Cruze

General Motors’ e-CRUZE Demonstrates

In-vehicle Information, Entertainment Potential

TOKYO — October 23, 2001 — General Motors today unveiled the e-Cruze, a compact lifestyle concept vehicle that seamlessly combines the latest mobile commerce technology with modern communication devices.

Offering the best of in-vehicle information and entertainment in a safe, affordable, fun and attractive package, the e-Cruze provides many of the amenities of an office or home, transforming commuting or travel time into a productive, enjoyable experience. It offers the driver and his passengers navigation support, e-mail access, television, radio, movies, Internet access, video conferencing, and much more, all with safe, hands-free operation. Packaged under General Motors’ OnStar brand, these "e" capabilities were created for today’s highly mobile, on-the-go generation that is progressively looking to do more and do it faster.

"The e-Cruze is a concept for the booming youth market of Japan, who are setting the pace for global mobile internet use," said GM Chairman John F. Smith, Jr. The technology application demonstrates General Motors’ leadership in e-commerce and e-technology by showcasing GM’s vision for telematics and mobile commerce. In addition, it illustrates the potential of GM’s alliance activity with Isuzu, Suzuki and Fuji Heavy Industries by taking the alliance beyond vehicle collaboration, technology sharing and distribution optimization into the "e" arena. "We wanted to demonstrate this very viable concept in Tokyo because it is one that can be adopted by the entire GM Alliance Partner Group."

The e-Cruze’s in-vehicle system uses three identical, yet independent, information and entertainment systems. The screens located in the front console, the driver headrest and the front passenger headrest, offer access to all the e-functions. For example, in the e-Cruze, the driver is able to access his e-mail while on the road, take and make calls using the in-built microphone and get directions to his destination. For safety reasons, the driver can receive these verbally. When the car is stationary, however, the driver is free to do much more such as downloading directions onto his Personal Digital Assistant. The rear screens are fully functional when the car is moving so passengers can surf the Internet, watch movies, watch television and play video games among other things. And because the systems are independent, each passenger can do different things.

The e-Cruze is based on the Chevrolet Cruze, a urban commuter for families on the go, which GM launched in Tokyo yesterday and is on display at the Tokyo Motor Show. The Cruze was jointly developed with Suzuki and is the first GM passenger vehicle designed and manufactured in Asia for the Asia-Pacific market.

The e-Cruze has the same engine, transmission, suspension, braking and steering systems as the Cruze. However, the e-Cruze has a number of exterior and interior modifications to reflect the forward looking lifestyle vehicle concept it demonstrates. It has wider tires, taller rims and an "e" center cap. A roof antenna contains all smaller antennas for ease in receiving data. A Holden-style body kit enhances the profile of the e-Cruze with ground effects around the entire vehicle. Yellow with black ground effects, thee-Cruze makes a bold visual statement.

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