2001 Acura – Honda NSX Type R

The key concept guiding the development of the new NSX-R is "evolution and strength". As the first to benefit from Honda’s greatest achievements on the racing circuit, the NSX could almost be called the original TYPE R, and Honda has once again boosted its sporting spirit. A major factor in the NSX’s premium handling and performance is the lightweight aluminum body, and for the new model carbon fiber and other ultra lightweight materials have been used wherever possible for even lower weight. In addition, the revised craftsman-built interior further accentuates NSX-R’s sports credentials.

Type R traces its origins back to the car that raced to Honda's first Formula One victory at the Mexico Grand Prix in 1965. That special car raced in a pure white livery emblazoned with a crimson script emblem-an emblem that symbolized Honda's racing spirit. We have reserved that same crimson script for our TYPE R production cars. It is a mark of special excellence, signifying technology developed in the fierce crucible of motor sports and Honda's unswerving dedication to racing.

Major equipment
• Carbon fiber hood air outlets
• Carbon fiber rear spoiler
• Carbon fiber engine compartment cover
• MOMO genuine leather-wrapped 3-spoke steering wheel
• RECARO carbon fiber Aramid bucket seats
• Type R dedicated 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels
• 215/40ZR low profile tires (front), 255/40ZR low profile tires (rear)

• Overall length/width/height: 4430mm/1810mm/1160mm
• Wheelbase: 2530mm

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