2004 Kia KCV4 Mojave

Lately, Kia has rapidly expanded its product line-up in the USA. They have entered into several new segments, including the midsize SUV, large sedan and minivan categories. At the Chicago International Auto Show, though, the fastest-growing Korean car company held a world premiere for something entirely different.

They launched a pick-up truck concept named the KCV-4 or Mojave.

Kia’s first ever pick-up truck to hit the U.S. soil (release date not known at this point), the Mojave is exclusively designed to meet the needs and tastes of North American consumers.

The Mojave pick-up was penned at the Kia research & design Center in NamYang, South Korea, under the direction of Lee Jae-Rim, Designer and Senior Research Engineer.

At 130 inches, the Mojave’s wheelbase is considerably longer than the Kia Sorento platform on which it is based. The concept truck features a 3,8L V6 engine generating an estimated 280 horsepower, coupled with a 5-speed automatic transmission.

The Mojave uses power-assisted rack and pinion steering that was engineered to be capable of working with a hydraulically-controlled rear steering system that would provide maximum maneuverability while parking (counter-steer), and additional stability during lane changes or in heavy cross winds on the highway (same-phase steer).

The final piece of the handling equation is an aggressive tire and wheel package that includes 20-inch sport tires on 20-inch machine-finished wheels.

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