2003 Dodge Kahuna

The Dodge Kahuna was a concept car created by Dodge — a minivan variant targeted at the surfer — and introduced at the 2003 Detroit Auto Show with the Dodge Avenger Concept.

Designed in the DaimlerChrysler Pacifica studio, the six-passenger Dodge Kahuna features an exterior design that conveys an athletic, capable image that is readily associated with California.

“Kahuna means ‘Master’ in Hawaiian” according to exterior designer Jordan Meadows. “This car represents coastal culture, a Californian frame of mind. The grooves along the side represent waves while the real lacewood sides are reminiscent of an open stagecoach”.

Key themes of the design include a long wheelbase stance with a very short rounded hood. Strong convex wheelarches sit on top of a simple lower body ‘chassis’ with the impression of a big step-over sill. However, the door shutlines run unobtrusively through this lower body and provide a conventional deep door aperture. Finally, the front end appearance with round lamps represents an all-new and bold interpretation of the Dodge face.

Inside, the “big wave” theme continues, as the Kahuna blends Pacific Blue two-tone colours. In addition, a flowing wave design can be seen in the shaping of the instrument
panel as well as the switches, door panel detailing and seat forms. The floor is covered in sisal-like natural fibre.

The retractable top allows the outside to become part of the interior as it folds back in accordion-like fashion. The roof is a silver/grey water resistant see-through canvas. “This was a very challenging concept to build, not least because of the 20mm real wood sides and three dropping side glasses” continues Meadows. “ The folding roof is an added complication”

Key dimensions are: length 4714mm, width 1976mm and height 1702mm.

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