1953 Buick Wildcat 1

Buick developed a prototype vehicle called the Wildcat in 1953. This model came with a 322 cubic inch V8 engine that was rated at 188 horsepower. For its time, this vehicle was considered to be revolutionary.

This car was build for the 1953 General Motors Motorama and is one of Buick's first fiberglass cars. Innovations for the time include concave grill, "buffer bombs" integrated with a massive wrap around front bumper. Also featuring "Roto Static" front hub caps that remain stationary while the wheels spin. At the time of restoration only one hub cap remained, the second one was made from the top of a "mini" Weber grill.

ENGINE TYPE: V-8 overhead valve, 8 cylinder, 188 horsepower
with a 322 cubic inch displacement.
WHEELBASE: 114 inches
BODY STYLE: Roadster

Considered to be Buick's first performance vehicle, the Buick Wildcat, officially named the Wildcat Sport Coupe was finally produced for the public in 1962. A full-size automobile, more closely related to a luxury sports coupe than all out performance, the introduction of the Wildcat set the stage for Buick's quest for power and even made its name available to several Buick engines of the mid sixties.

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