Though visually related to the Project IV AMX, the AMX II was a full four-seat hardtop coupe created under outside consultant Vince Gardner, not AMC design chief Dick Teague. This profile view emphasizes exceptionally clean detailing and a balanced overall form. The AMX II looked good from most any angle, including this rear three-quarter aspect. This is actually another view of the green car pictured above, but tinted to give a different color impression, a common trick of car company photo and PR departments.

Though not obvious here, AMX II's rear window was slightly vee'd in plan view to match the convex rear-deck line. By day, the AMX II hid its headlamps behind swing-up doors trimmed to match grille texture. A similar treatment was used on several production models when the AMX II was shown in 1966, including that year's new second-generation Buick Riviera. Big U-shaped bumper was gracefully simple and matched nicely with the pointed front fenders.

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